There’s no justification for commiting zina in the event that you dnt features a 2nd partner

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There’s no justification for commiting zina in the event that you dnt features a 2nd partner

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in my opinion precisely what the maulana is actually suggesting is that there are lots of women who happen to be widowed along with demand for service and team and not necesarily the brand new intimate types. but just a person to be here in the form of a partner inshaAllah.

their a pity that the ladies spoke out how they might ratehr their husband would to visit zina than just keeps an effective next partner! it is possible to too douse your into the gasoline and you may place him in a huge bonfire yourself!!

the new maulanas intent was to perform a world balance and you may serenity between the people and this appears to be rife having zina according to his sermon yet , it seems to get analysis the females of your society as they are showing weaknesses inside the theior emaan that is only a great deal more ammo to possess shaytaan!!

it isn’t simple seeing your beloved partner with another woman immediately after that have did nikah it is it maybe not top which he really does they the halal way and you can becomes prize out of Allah in the place of merely sleep having another woman and get punished!!

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It is crazy.. also a non married individual need to keep off zina however, wen u are partnered, it must be possible for you. Once they need certainly to get married other girlfriend including an excellent widow otherwise something, i think an element of the desire isn’t defense against zina but instead regarding help and keeping individuals in need?

That is most uncomfortable having ppl in the future away and you may state they choose to spouse so you’re able to comit zina rather than ic, the really amazing in the future from a single muslim women let alone numerous..

I dont think that is great in the event to achieve that marry one of parents, plus one of very own possibilities and keep they wonders. The issue is on miracle. We dnt know how it care for so it in place of sleeping to their spouses regarding their whereabouts? I dislike liars! To ensure that arrangment is extremely unsavory to me. If you need two spouses atleast end up being men and you may recognize it in order to both of them, and deal with ne issues and you will any sort of u actually get regarding him or her and you will insha allah in the course of time is also assures them and come up with it ok. Im sure it will be even more serious towards man whenever it learn once age one their husband try a good liar with various other partner the guy hasnt said. However it would b bad in order to realise partner are a good zaany and you may good liar however, if he just acknowledges in the event that the guy wishes second wife and does it openly, then would-be none. And additionally in the event the he didnt do relationship publicly following in the event that step 1 girlfriend sees him into the most other otherwise discovers, she will get initially think they are infact good zaany and you will who you are going to blame this lady 😐


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I enjoy realize sunnahs and you may was eager inside, among the better females to reside had been brand new Moms and dads Regarding the brand new Believers, performed it appose poligimy, did they concern the new regulations out-of Allah??

I’m not blind after all, I am claiming the possibility isn’t mine and also make the my husbands, when you yourself have partnered a great pious son whom provides for your children you then know if the guy takes other partner or step three, he will are still the brand new spouse he’s for you, siblings get very arrogent on the. zero i might never let it, that are they so you can “allow” the legal rights offered by ALLAH.

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