Knowledge Success Criterion 1.3.1: Resources and connections

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Knowledge Success Criterion 1.3.1: Resources and connections

The intent of your profits Criterion would be to make certain facts and relations which happen to be suggested by aesthetic or auditory formatting is maintained whenever demonstration format variations. Like , the demonstration format changes once the contents was review by a display audience or when a person design sheet is actually replaced your style layer offered by the author.

Sighted users view structure and relationships through different visual cues – headings are usually in a bigger, daring font split from paragraphs by blank outlines; checklist stuff is preceded by a bullet and perhaps indented; sentences were split by a blank range; things that show a typical characteristic become arranged into tabular rows and articles; type fields can be positioned as teams that express text brands; a separate back ground color enables you to show that several items become related to both; keywords with unique standing were showed by changing the font families and /or bolding, italicizing, or underlining them; things that display a standard characteristic become arranged into a dining table where in actuality the relationship of cells sharing the same row or column as well as the partnership of each and every cellular to the line and/or line header are crucial for comprehension; and so forth. Having these frameworks and they connections programmatically determined or available in book helps to ensure that info important for understanding are perceivable to all.

Auditory cues ple, a chime might show the beginning of a fresh point; a general change in vocals pitch or message speed enables you to focus on information or even to indicate cited text; etc.

When this type of connections include perceivable to just one group of customers, those connections can be produced becoming perceivable to all or any. One method of deciding if or not information has become correctly provided to all consumers would be to access the information serially in different strategies.

If links to glossary stuff are implemented utilizing anchor aspects (or perhaps the the proper connect component for the technology active) and determined using a separate font face, a display audience individual will discover your object is actually a link after glossary name was experienced the actual fact that they may perhaps not obtain details about the alteration in font face. An on-line inventory may suggest pricing using a bigger font coloured reddish. A display reader or person who cannot view yellow, continues to have the details regarding costs so long as it really is preceded because of the money signal.

Some technologies you should never supply an effective way to programmatically establish some types of details and affairs. In that case next there should be a text story of this suggestions and relations. As an instance, “all needed fields is designated with an asterisk (*)”. The text classification needs to be close to the suggestions truly describing (whenever web page was linearized), eg in mother or father component or even in the adjacent factor.

There might even be cases where it may possibly be a wisdom call as to whether or not the affairs must be programmatically determined or perhaps provided in book. But when systems supporting programmatic affairs, its firmly stimulated that suggestions and relationships feel programmatically determined in place of explained in text.

Recognizing Victory Criterion 1.3.1: Tips and affairs

It isn’t required that color beliefs become programmatically determined. The info communicated by colors are not adequately delivered by just revealing the worthiness. Consequently, Achievement Criterion 1.4.1 addresses the precise circumstances of shade, instead Success Criterion 1.3.1.


  • This profits Criterion assists individuals with different disabilities by allowing individual agents to adapt content in line with the desires of individual people.
  • People that happen to be blind (using a screen reader) advantage whenever info presented through color can be obtainable in text (like text alternatives for graphics which use colors to convey details).

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