The Karnataka Racing Pigeons Society (KRPS) was started in the year 2009 to be a platform in which pigeon lovers are encouraged to race and improve the sport. Since the formation of KRPS, our members have been
actively involved in conducting and participating in four racing seasons.

A crowning highlight of the club’s activities is that the club’s members have managed to win second and third places in the annual 1000 km races held by the South Indian Racing Pigeon Federation. A remarkable achievement in the face of the fact that our club is relatively young in comparison to the other clubs in India.

The club aims at training new fanciers on how to select, feed, treat and properly maintain homers. In an effort to get more pigeon lovers to take up the “royal sport” of pigeon racing, we have also given many high-quality, blue-blooded pedigree chicks free of cost to the lofts of newcomers.

Our club members have many top, imported strains in pigeons coming from bloodlines bred by masters of the sport like Janssen, Stassart, Mulliman, Steven Van Breemen, etc. But we have always been generous in sharing our breeders with new fanciers so that they can introduce new strains and improve the flight quality in their lofts.

Moving forward we want our members to participate in all the top South Indian national-level races and win medals and certificates. We also want to promote the activities of the club so that more youngsters and women are interested in taking up the sport. We want pigeon racing to become a family hobby so that we have a more diverse, balanced and well-represented set of pigeon fanciers in our club.

Let our pigeons soar sky-high! Let our pigeons come swiftly back home! Let our pigeon’s clock new records!